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About Me


Owner/Designer & Decorator


To me, eclectic style provides a sense of authenticity and is a reflection of a person’s character. A space should contain objects that support well-being and create a desired emotion.


I believe design is a process and a journey. Even though you start on a path, the destination may not be realized until later ... as the space grows, develops, and takes on its personality.



  • Space Planning – creating efficient spaces designed to meet function and need

  • Furniture Plans – preparing floor plan drawings with furniture arrangement placed with the best use of space in mind

  • Interior Refresh/Redesign – with the use of your existing furnishings and accents and possible addition of new items, if necessary, creating a fresh, new, updated look

  • Lighting & Electrical Plans – lighting and electrical plans (locating lights, switches, outlets, etc.), as well as sourcing and selection of fixtures

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Plans – design the space, cabinet design, provide floor plans, 3D drawings, and tile layout drawings, as well as sourcing and selection of fixtures and furnishings

  • Material Finish Selection – harmonization and balance of interior materials, cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, floor coverings, paint/stain colors, etc.  Preparation of an electronic presentation of these items

  • Furniture & Decor Selection – help in selecting the furniture, furnishings, window treatments, and accessories, as well as placement of these items

  • Shopping Plan – prepare a shopping list of items for you to do your own shopping, or I can do the shopping for you

  • Paint Color Palette Plan – select paints and stains for your interiors and exterior and prepare a palette presentation



By Appointment Only – contact me to set an appointment. Preferably we will meet at the space of consideration. We will assess and discuss your objectives, current issues, and needs for the space. I will provide recommendations, plans/sketches, or 3D illustrations depending on space needs, objectives, or services requested.  I can provide estimates of the requested services based on the specific needs.  


I manage projects of all sizes — from paint selection, to furniture arrangement for balance and size, to full home remodels and complete interior restructuring. I am here to help your designs be defined, no matter your needs.  Contact me today, and we can discuss your next project.



Shelly Fidler holds an AAS in Environmental Interior Design and is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers. For each of her clients she strives to reflect a sense of authenticity of the homeowner’s character and lifestyle in each space. In this way, design supports individual well-being and a multitude of desired emotions through balance, harmony, colors, and furniture and accessory placement. Shelly also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has managed environmental and safety compliance, human resources, building construction, and property maintenance projects. She also volunteers for and is a member of the Elkhart County Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors, Goshen unit.

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